Toxic Agenda: Elections in Crisis Part I

This article first appeared on as part of the Toxic Agenda Series. The title of the series is: Toxic Agenda: What the Left Really Wants for North Carolina is a new series of articles from the Civitas Institute. Civitas believes that “While largely out of power for the last several years, North Carolina is just one election away from once again seeing the liberal Left in control. This series examines what the Left desires to impose …

Gov. Cooper Relies on Left-Wing Activists

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More than 50 of Governor Roy Cooper’s appointments are either employed by or are board members of North Carolina progressive non-profits found in the online database Mapping the Left (MTL). MTL is a user-friendly online database/web page that identifies the vast network of left-wing groups and activists in North Carolina, sponsored by the Civitas Institute.

MTL has identified many of Gov. Cooper’s appointments to state boards and commissions as progressive/left-wing activists.

When …

Implementing George Soros’ Agenda

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State Board of Elections director recently announced intentions to introduce online voter registration
SBE bureaucrats, however, do not have authority to make such significant changes to NC election laws
Legislators need to push back against the George Soros backed elections agenda

State election officials are once again pushing for online voter registration, are Republicans helping them?

During a Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee meeting on December 15, 2017, Kim Strach, executive …