Corporation for Enterprise Development

The Corporation for Enterprise Development  is a national radical, left-wing, Washington D.C. based group affiliated with the liberal Z Smith Reynolds Foundation Network. It appears they believe that government (public funds) , not the free market, can spur economic growth.


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NC Budget and Tax Center

The NC Budget and Tax Center is a project of the Justice Center, The Justice Center considers itself the “state’s preeminent voice for economic, social and political justice.” Without a doubt it is one the largest if not the most liberal and radical activist groups in North Carolina.

The NC Justice Center has served as an incubator for new liberal groups and projects, including the network of groups, Together NC and Blueprint NC, the umbrella group …

Center for Community Self-Help

According to a 2005 report by Capital Research Center: :”Martin Eakes’ family of organizations,known collectively as Self-Help,has wandered far from its roots. What began as a movement to provide the poor with much-needed capital is now a set of advocacy organizations that promote policies that harm the poor and impose competitive disadvantages on other lenders. Meanwhile, Self-Help rides its tax-exempt status all the way to the bank…Eakes also uses Self-Help’s resources to form political coalitions …