NC Center for Voter Education

While the North Carolina Center for Voter Education (NCVE) claims it is “dedicated to improving the quality and responsiveness of NC’s election system through voter education and advocacy,” they echo the propaganda, slanted and partisan ideas coming from the ultra-liberal organization Democracy NC. Both NCVE and Democracy NC were founding members of Blueprint NC the organization best known the strategy memo in 2013 directing it’s members to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s …

NC League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters says its a non-partisan organization, but advocates for the most liberal election laws and against reforms that will secure our elections. The league has filed lawsuits against North Carolina in the case of the most recent NC redistricting plan and the landmark election reform legislation that was passed in 2013 that requires voters to provide photo ID’s in order to vote.

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Democracy NC


Democracy NC began as Democracy South in 1991 as a project of the radical liberal political group – Institute For Southern Studies, where Bob Hall, the group’s only leader, worked for 25 years and was founding editor of their magazine, Southern Exposure.

In a series of articles, the Civitas Institute has pointed out that “Democracy NC is a radical left wing partisan group and its director, Bob Hall, is the State Board of Election’s right-hand man …

America Votes

America Votes works closely with the George Soros backed group – Democracy Alliance, a group that wants to destroy our constitutional freedoms.. America Votes is a radical left-wing group that seeks to elect liberal progressives and they claimed credit for the 2013 Blueprint NC Memo. The Blueprint NC memo provided a political strategy in NC to “eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”

America Votes is located in the same office space/building as Blueprint …