Stoneman Family Foundation


This Funder Gives Money To:

Group Year Amount Description
Blueprint NC 2012 $50,000.00 Continuing support; Research For Blueprint which will focus on statewide integration of a values-based messaging with the goal of impacting policy the state budget and public opinion It will use research and best practices to encourage movement wide adoption of these frames and tactics to move progressive policy and mobilize support for revenue enhancement
Center For Community Change 2012 $25,000.00 Program development To support CCC's efforts to develop a community of practice that engages grassroots partners around economic issues and to assess methods and strategies that show the most promise for its partners to advance economic change in their communities and at the national level
Blueprint NC 2010 $100,000.00
Center For Community Change 2010 $75,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2010 $25,000.00
Center For Community Change 2009 $174,500.00 Continuing support
Triangle Community Foundation 2009 $25,000.00 Continuing support
Center For Community Change 2008 $425,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2008 $50,000.00

State: MA

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