The California Endowment


This Funder Gives Money To:

Group Year Amount Description
Center For Community Change 2014 $150,000.00 Program development For Young Invincibles - Health Insurance Enrollment of California's Young Adults: To support Affordable Care Act outreach education and health insurance enrollment of young adults in California
Center For Community Change 2012 $217,714.00 Advocacy; Program development For Health Reform in Low-Income Communities: To train and engage community-based leaders to advocate for robust implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Low-Income Health Program in local communities throughout California
Center For Community Change 2012 $100,000.00 Program development For Affordable Care Act Education of Young Persons: To enhance Affordable Care Act education to and health insurance enrollment of young persons in California
Center For Community Change 2011 $65,000.00 Program development For Getting Covered Campaign and College Health Plans
Center For Community Change 2010 $350,000.00 Program development For Protecting California's Safety Net
A. Philip Randolph Institute 2010 $10,000.00 Conferences/seminars For 40th National Educational Conference
Center For Community Change 2009 $561,123.00 Program development For Fostering Civic Participation for Healthier Communities initiative to strengthen and expand development of leaders in low-income communities and foster opportunities to engage in advocacy to improve health and well-being of families and communities in California
Center For Community Change 2007 $500,000.00 Program development For Civic Engagement and Healthy Communities to educate organize and mobilize grassroots organizations on health and fiscal policy issues on local and state levels to strengthen their health advocacy on behalf of low-income Californians

State: CA

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