The Nathan Cummings Foundation


This Funder Gives Money To:

Group Year Amount Description
Center For Community Change 2012 $100,000.00 General/operating support; Program development For general support for the Center for Community Change to find effective ways to reach out to white working class communities with a message of economic fairness and inclusion Half of the grant will be allocated to help with veterans and other residents in rural Montana and to support work in manufactured home communities particularly in the South
Center For Community Change 2012 $90,000.00 Continuing support; Program development For the Healthy Young America: Mobilizing and Educating Young Adults for ACA Implementation? of Young Invincibles a project of the Center for Community Change Young Invincibles will focus on conducting a national young adults education and mobilization campaign Activities will include: 1) a national communications campaign to explain the key provisions of the ACA particularly the exchanges and Medicaid and the positive effect on young adults; 2) guidance and expertise for states and partners on implementing key young adult provisions of the law; and 3) action-oriented ACA trainings for youth leaders health advocates and community groups that serve young adults to get their diverse constituencies enrolled and mobilized around successful implementation
Center For Community Change 2011 $100,000.00 Program development For Young Invincibles To support the Youth Health Care Education Mobilization and Engagement Project of Young Invincibles a project of the Center for Community Change Working in eight states Young Invincibles will create volunteer teams of youth leaders on campuses and off build state networks of youth organizations to coordinate with state advocates and national partners support youth-focused health care advocacy campaigns develop young adult spokespeople who can generate media attention regarding the benefits of the ACA and reach over one million young adults with targeted innovative health care education campaigns
Corporation for Enterprise Development 2006 $40,000.00
Center For Community Change 2005 $5,000.00
Center For Community Change 2004 $300,000.00 Continuing support
Center For Community Change 2003 $100,000.00 Continuing support

State: NY

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