Campaign 4 Change is associated with the Moral Mondays network, They say their “mission is dedicated to enhance the quality of life for all citizens and improve the image or our communities though extensive community service efforts to educate empower and change the negative mindset of today’s youth.”


Financials:  Source IRS 990s
Year Revenue Expenditures Net Assets
2013 $66,800 $56,015 $21,650
2014 $70,605 $66,811 $66,811
2015 $61,025 $64,592 $21,877


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Asa Fleming Vice Chair Current
Carolyn Lyons Chair Current
Finesse Couch Secretary Current
James Williams Board Member Current
Martina Dunsford Board Member Current
Otis Lyons Executive Director/Founder Current
Theodore Couch Board Member Current
Tim Dumas Board Member Current
Tracey Howell Treasurer Current

This group funded by:

Funder Year Amount Description
Triangle Community Foundation 2014 $1,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2013 $10,000.00 For as a Annual Contribution
Triangle Community Foundation 2012 $7,500.00 Program development For as annual contribution
Triangle Community Foundation 2011 $15,000.00 Continuing support
Triangle Community Foundation 2011 $10,000.00
The Wal-Mart Foundation Inc 2010 $1,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2010 $3,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2010 $1,500.00 For basketball program
Triangle Community Foundation 2008 $10,000.00 Performance/productions For Outreach production
Triangle Community Foundation 2008 $5,000.00 For annual contribution



Address 1:
4801 Danube Lane Suite 727




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