Equality NC


Equality NC is a radical liberal political advocacy organization that lobbies the legislature in support of same-sex marriage and lesbian gay bisexual and transgender rights. Equality NC is a founding member of Blueprint NC, the organization that gained infamy with their strategy memo that directed their members to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s leadership in 2013.


Financials:  Source IRS 990s
Year Revenue Expenditures Net Assets
2012 $476,823 $486,571 $143,719
2013 $491,720 $500,640 $134,799
2014 $467,674 $467,674 $102,260
2015 $517,527 $539,710 $80,077


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Alan King Board Member Current
Andrew Spainhour Board Member Current
Andy Gerschutz Board Vice Chair Current
Ben Graumann Development Manager Current
Brent Childers Director of Faith Outreach Current
Chris Sgro Executive Director Current
Crystal Richardson Director of Advocacy and Outreach Current
Guillermo Rodriguez Board Member Current
Julie Merricks Board Member Current
Matt Hirschy Director of Advancement Current
Melissa Dickerson Board Member Current
Meredith Griffin-Speagle Board Treasurer Current
Michelle Mathis Board Member Current
Paula Kohut Board Member Current
Rick McDermott Board Chair Current
Sarah Ford Board Member Current
Scott Taylor Board Secretary Current
Shawn Long Director of Operations Current
Tierra Ragland RFRA Organizing Specialist Current
Todd Rosendahl Director of Youth Policy Current
Tracy Johnson Board Member Current
Vivian Joiner Board Member Current
Andy Gerschutz Board Treasurer Former
Ben Church Deputy Director of Organizing Former
Ben Graumann Development Associate Former
Brandon Major Board Member Former
Canaan Huie Board Member Former
Crystal Richardson Freedom Moral Summer Organizer Former
Dan Gurley Board Chair Former
Don Davis Board Treasurer Former
Ed Farthing Board Member Former
Ed Farthing Co-Director Former
Ed Farthing Political Grassroots Organizer Former
Ellen Greaves Board Member -PAC Former
Greg Fitch Board Member Former
Guillermo Rodriguez Board Chair Former
Guillermo Rodriguez Board Vice Chair Former
J Wayne Riggins Board Member Former
Janie Long Board Vice Chair Former
Jason Burgess Board Member Former
Jen Jones Communications Consultant Former
Jen Jones Director of Communications Former
Jerri Goldberg Board Member Former
Jesse White Board Member Former
John Arrowood Board Member Former
Jonah Hermann Director of Outreach Former
Julie Merricks Board Secretary Former
Justin Smith Board Member Former
Kay Flaminio Director of Development Former
Matt Hirschy Director of Business Engagement and Programs Former
Meredith Griffin-Speagle Board Member Former
Nan Sullins Board Member Former
Rick McDermott Board Member Former
Rick McDermott Board Vice Chair Former
Rod Goins Board Member Former
Sam Parker Director of Community Organizing Former
Scott Taylor Board Member Former
Shawn Long Administrative Coordinator Former
Steve Acosta Board Member Former
Stuart Campbell Executive Director Former



Address 1:
PO Box 28768




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