Fund for Democratic Communities


In their own words, “The Fund for Democratic Communities, (F4DC) a Greensboro North Carolina based private foundation, supports “community-based initiatives and institutions that foster authentic democracy to make communities better places to live. F4DC makes grants to groups that engage in participatory democracy to further their social change objectives; convenes groups and individuals committed to social and economic justice…”

This socialist leaning organization received its money from the estate of W Hayden Thompson of Bedord Heights OH. Hayden Thompson was a free-enterprise capitalist who left this portion of his estate to his daughter – Marnie Thompson. Marnie Thompson is co-managing director of the fund.


Financials:  Source IRS 990s
Year Revenue Expenditures Net Assets
2014 $1,194,001 $1,069,974 $9,319,648
2015 $663,411 $1,488,473 $8,744,253


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Dave Reed Community and Cooperative Organizer Current
Edward Whitfield Co-Managing Director Current
Marnie Thompson Co-Managing Director Current
Sohnie Black Community Organizer Current

This group funded by:

Funder Year Amount Description
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 2016 $20,000.00 General support
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund 2016 $7,500.00 General support



Address 1:
712 South Elam Avenue




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