NC Advocates for Justice


The North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ), formerly The North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers is made up of five different organizations, including a 501(c)(3) – the foundation and a Political Action Committee (PAC) that contributes to candidates for legislative and statewide office.

NCAJ is a member of two MTL networks, Democracy NC and Blueprint NC, the notorious organization that is best known for the 2013 strategy memo that directed its members to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s leadership in 2013.

According to their 2013 – 2014 Legislative Agenda the group

– supports public financing of judicial campaigns
– supports issuing drivers licenses and permits to illegal immigrants
– opposes the repeal of the Racial Justice Act*
– supports charging 16 and 17 year olds accused of criminal offenses as juveniles and not as adults


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Adrienne Blocker Board Member Current
Andrew Banzhoff Board Member Current
Ann Ochsner Board Member Current
Bill Powers Executive Committee Member Current
Brad Bannon Executive Committee Member Current
Burton Craige Legal Affairs Counsel Current
C. Douglas Maynard Board Member Current
Carter Wrenn Contract Staff Current
Charles Ellis Member, Auto Torts; Professional Negligence Current
Charles Francis Board Member Current
Charles Monnett Executive Committee Member Current
Charles Blanchard President Emeritus Current
Chet Rabon Board Member Current
Chris Fialko Board Member Current
Christine Mumma Board Member Current
Christopher Nichols Executive Committee Member Current
Cliff Britt Executive Committee Member Current
Crystal Rouse Board Member Current
Danny Glover Executive Committee Member Current
David Henson Executive Committee Member Current
David Pishko Executive Committee Member Current
David Stradley Board Member Current
Deonte Thomas Board Member Current
Dick Taylor CEO Current
Jason Taylor Board Member Current
John Chilson Board Member Current
John McCabe Executive Committee Member Current
Joseph Tunstall Board Member Current
Joshua Talton Board Member Current
Julie Bell Board Member Current
Karonnie Truzy Board Member Current
Kevin Bunn Board Member Current
Kim Williams Chief Operating Officer Current
Kristi Thompson Board Member Current
Liz Avery-Jones Communications Coordinator Current
Mark Sternlicht Board Member Current
Mary Pollard Executive Committee Member Current
Mary Lee Executive Administrator Current
Missy Owen Board Member Current
N. Cole Williams Board Member Current
Narendra Ghosh Member Current
Palmer Sugg Lobbyist Current
Philip Isley Lobbyist Current
Philip Miller Board Member Current
R. Bailey Melvin Board Member Current
Randolph Cloud Lobbyist (Contract) Current
Richard Taylor Executive Committee Member Current
Robert Zaytoun Board Member Current
Roger Manus Member Current
Ruth Sheehan Board Member Current
Sarah Farber Executive Committee Member Current
Sonja Way Receptionist Current
Sonya Pfeiffer Board Member Current
Steve Bowden Executive Committee Member Current
Terre Yde Board Member Current
Todd Barlow Political Affairs Counsel Current
Valerie Johnson Executive Committee Member Current
Vernon Sumwalt Executive Committee Member Current
William Goldfarb Board Member Current
Billy Warden Consultant Former
Caitlin Darisse Executive Administrator Former
Charles Becton President Former
David Teddy Executive Committee Member Former
Douglas Abrams Executive Committee Member Former
Frank Goldsmith Board Member Former
Julie Bell Executive Committee Member Former
Lisa White Membership & Marketing Director Former
Lyndon Helton Executive Committee Member Former



Address 1:
1312 Annapolis Drive




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