NC AIDS Action Network


According to the North Carolina AIDS Action Network, their groups is North Carolina’s only statewide advocacy organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS their loved ones and those at risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS in North Carolina.

The AIDS Action Network has chosen to join with the radical and political Blueprint NC as a member of their coalition. Blueprint NC is the organization created by Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and is best known for their 2013 strategy memo that directed its members to eviscerate the state’s leadership. The NC Aids Action Network have also joined Together NC, the umbrella organization created by the NC Justice Center, North Carolina’ largest liberal political think tank.


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Adam Linker Board Member Current
Alicia Diggs Board Member Current
Allison Rice Board Member Current
Brodderick Roary Board Member Current
Cindy Snyder Board Member Current
Diana Rowan Board Member Current
J. Wesley Thompson Board Member Current
Jeffery Williams-Knight Board Chair Current
Lee Storrow Executive Director Current
Leslie Johns Board Treasurer Current
Mindie Loebach Board Vice Chair Current
Sandy Moulton Board Secretary Current
Tony Franco Board Member Current
Vanessa Duren-Winfield Board Member Current
Chris Winebrenner Board Secretary Former
Claire Hermann Communications Program Coordinator Former
Enrique Perez Board Member Former
Mindie Loebach Board Member Former
Quinton Harper Community Organizer Former
Sandy Moulton Board Vice-Chair Former

This group funded by:

Funder Year Amount Description
Triangle Community Foundation 2012 $12,000.00
Elton John AIDS Foundation Inc 2011 $50,000.00



Address 1:
PO Box 25044




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