NC Clean Energy Technology Center/NCSU




Formerly named NC Solar Center. The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center is a UNC System-chartered Public Service Center administered by the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. North Carolina taxpayers pay over $630,000 for staff salaries.


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Achyut Shrestha Policy Analyst Current
Anne Tazewell Clean Transportation Program Manager Current
April Montgomery Advisory Council Member Current
Art Samberg Clean Power & Efficiency Project Coordinator Current
Autumn Proudlove Sr. Policy Analyst Current
Ben Inskeep Policy Analyst Current
Brian Lips Energy Policy Project Coordinator Current
Christina Kopitopoulou Clean Power & Industrial Efficiency Specialist Current
David Sarkisian Policy Analyst Current
Dennis McKinley Advisory Council Member Current
Ethan Case Policy Analyst Current
Heather Brutz Clean Transportation Specialist Current
Henry Tsai Associate Director of Finance Current
Isaac Panzarella Clean Power & Efficiency Project Coordinator Current
Jason Epstein Advisory Council Member Current
Jaz Tunnell Advisory Council Current
JoAnn Henry Workforce Development Program Assistant Current
John Jessup Advisory Council Member Current
Kate Daniel Policy Analyst Current
Kerry Henderson Advisory Council Member Current
Kevin Witchger Clean Power & Renewable Energy Specialist Current
Lee J. Peterson Advisory Council Member Current
Lyra Rakusin Sr. Renewable Energy Training Specialist Current
Maria Kingery Advisory Council Member Current
Markus Wilhelm Advisory Council Member Current
Matt Abele Clean Transportation Technical Specialist Current
Michael Terreri Clean Transportation Specialist Current
Ralph Thompson Advisory Council Member Current
Richard Sapienza Clean Transportation Specialist Current
Shannon Helm Communications & External Relations Manager Current
Stephen Kalland Executive Director Current
Tim Gasper Advisory Council Member Current
Tommy Cleveland Renewable Energy Project Coordinator Current
Andrea Bachrach Clean Transportation Specialist Former
Betsy McCorkle Economic Development Manager Former
CC Mauer Research Assistant Former
John Monaghan Advisory Council Member Former
Maria O’Farrell Training Programs Manager Former
Shawn Fitzpatrick Renewable Energy Engineer Former
Stephen Kalland Deputy Director for Policy and Development(Former NC Solar Center) Former
Stephen Kalland Executive Director( former NC Solar Center) Former



Address 1:
1575 Varsity Drive

Address 2:
North Carolina State University