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The Sierra Club is the largest and one of the oldest environmental organizations in the country. This article from the Oregonian contends that Sierra Club’s contributors are now putting the “almighty dollar before mother earth” and cites a report by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute that reveals that many “environmental activists benefit richly from their donations to the Sierra Club.” The article gives examples of the very wealthy making money from their philanthropy.

“Nathaniel Simons, a hedge fund baron worth an estimated $12 billion, has donated more than $14 million to the Sierra Club since 2009. Those contributions have largely been earmarked for campaigns to “educate the public about clean energy” but have proven quite worthwhile to Simons. While he was underwriting the Sierra Club’s efforts to promote renewables, Simons was quietly creating a venture fund that invests in clean energy.”

The Oregonian article goes on to say that the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign had been discredited because it had been funded by board members and donors who “benefit financially from the organization’s anti-fossil fuel crusades.” It goes on to say that “eight of the Sierra Club Foundation’s 18 directors are involved with organizations that profit from the ‘Beyond Coal’ Campaign.

“Those directors are owners, founders and CEOs of renewable energy companies and investment firms who donated millions to the Sierra Club’s war on fossil fuels. These green energy tycoons knew lambasting coal, oil and natural gas would increase demand for renewables like solar and wind … and generate more money for their businesses.”

The NC Sierra Club is a member of the of the radical/liberal Blueprint NC network. Blueprint NC is the left-wing political group that gained infamy with its memo calling for followers to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s leadership. The Sierra Club is even opposed to ”cleaner natural gas.” In 2012, Civitas Review Online quoted a Sierra Club official to that effect: “The Sierra Club has serious doubts about the net benefits of natural gas,” said Deborah Nardone, director of the group’s Beyond Natural Gas campaign.


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Andy McGlinn Steering Committee Member Current
Blake Fleming Lead Organizer Current
Bob Pollett Piedmont Plateau Chair Current
Britten Cleveland Chapter Organizer Current
Cassie Gavin Senior Director of Government Relations Current
Chelsea Barnes Conservation Chair Current
Chris Turner Blue Ridge Chair Current
Cynthia Smith Office Manager Current
David Ames Cypress Chair Current
David Fairall Foothills Chair Current
Doug Veazey South Mountains Chair Current
Elyse Jung Personnel Chair Current
Emily Cedzo Steering Committee Member Current
Eric Miller Medoc Chair Current
Erin Carey Director of Coastal Programs Current
Ginny Kloepfer Nominations Chair Current
Janet Smith Membership Chair Current
Jim Reynolds Chapter Vice Chair Current
Jim Reynolds Steering Committee Member Current
John Shaw PAC Treasurer Current
Judy Mattox Wenoca Chair Current
Kathy Rigsbee Outings Chair Current
Kathy Rigsbee Steering Committee Member Current
Ken Brame Political Chair Current
Ken Brame Steering Committee Member Current
Kenneth Rose Headwaters Chair Current
Margaret Lillard Communications Manager Current
Marshall McCallie Pisgah Chair Current
Max Felsher Orange-Chatham Chair Current
May Becker Orange-Chatham Chair Current
Michael Murdoch Croatan Chair Current
Nick Brown Capital Chair Current
Pat Carstensen Board Secretary Current
Pauline Endo Cape Fear Chair Current
Pauline Endo Membership Chair Current
Penny Adams Chapter Coordinator Current
Robert Hodgman Member Current
Robert Scull Outings Chair Current
Roger Diedrich Central Piedmont Chair Current
Rosa Hodge-Mustafa Organizer Current
Rosemarie Sawdon Steering Committee Current
Steve Copulsky Board Chair Current
Steve Copulsky Fundraising Chair Current
Steve Copulsky Steering Committee Current
Suresh Iyer Board Treasurer Current
Todd Barlow Political Compliance Chair Current
Zak Keith Chapter Organizer Current
Carina Barnett-Loro Chapter Organizer Former
Chuck McGrady President Former
Dick Schneider Legal Chair Former
Dustin Chicurel-Bayard Director of Communications Former
Jacquie Ayala Associate Field Organizer Former
Kristen Thornburg Energy Policy Analyst Former
Mac Montgomery Chair of Cape Fear Group Former
Melissa Williams Associate Press Secretary Former
Molly Diggins State Director Former
Nation Hahn Development Coordinator Former
Reid Wilson Political Director Former
Tom Jensen Director - Cool Cities Campaign Former

This group funded by:

Funder Year Amount Description
Foundation For The Carolinas 2007 $17,468.00 Program development For Mountain Island Lake Drinking Water project
Educational Foundation of America 2005 $80,000.00 Program development For North Carolina Leadership Project: Enhanced Citizen Mobilization
Educational Foundation of America 2004 $80,000.00 For North Carolina Leadership Project: Enhanced Citizen Mobilization



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