HKonJ became the coordinating umbrella organization for the groups protesting at Moral Mondays in North Carolina. A Civitas study shows that HKonJ affiliated groups received more than $100 million in direct state grants in recent years.


Group Name Group Mission
AARP of North Carolina
AFL-CIO of North Carolina
Beloved Community Center
Binkley Baptist Church Outreach Committee

Binkley Baptist Church is a liberal Church in Chapel Hill that promotes the left-wing progressive agenda of the Moral Monday and HKonJ Coalition Partner networks - it is a member of both networks.
Binkley Baptist was expelled from the Southern Baptist Convention in 1992 "because of Binkley's full inclusion of gay,lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered members." The church is a member of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.

Black Workers for Justice

According to Saladin Muhammad, National Chairperson of Black Workers for Justice, the group "is a mass activist workers organization. It includes socialists, radical working class and general members, who play leading roles in trying to link the immediate struggles in the workplaces and communities to a long term transitional radical program for Black empowerment/self-determination, social justice and social transformation."

Their areas of work include: anti-war, black liberation, environmental justice, labor organizing, public employee organizing, "black communities condemn the Israeli Assault and the occupation of Palestinian territories".

El Pueblo
Farmworkers Advocacy Network

The Farmworkers Advocacy Network (FAN) lobbies for better working and living conditions for immigrant farmworkers. FAN shares the same address as Duke University Center for Documentary Studies.

Health Care for All NC
Immigrants and Allies United for Justice – Inmigrantes y Aliados Unidos pr la Justicia

An immigrant and social justice organization, Immigrants & Allies United for Justice, was founded in 2011 at an HKonJ rally. A community organizing group, it seeks to "build deeper relationships between immigrant and refugee rights leaders,immigrant allies and other social justice movements." 

National Farm Worker Ministry
NC Dream Team
NC HOPE Coalition (Hear Our Public Employees)

NC HOPE Coalition (Hear Our Public Employees) is working "to end the ban on public employee collective bargaining in North Carolina.

NC HOPE's website is hosted by the AFL-CIO.

Reform Immigration for America

Extreme leftist community organizers who state they are “fighting for comprehensive immigration reform.” This group is actively engaged in efforts to execute Obama’s Executive Memo to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Southern Faith Labor and Community Alliance

Southern Faith Labor and Community Alliance was founded in mid 2000s to promote community organizing focused on economic justice.

Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council

Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council is affiliated with the extreme radical leftist AFL-CIO labor union.

Student Action with Farmworkers
The Support Center
UE Local 150

UE Local 150 is part of North Carolina’s Public Service Union. It is affiliated with the radical liberal progressive HkonJ network. Also known as United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America.

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

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