Exposing North Carolina’s liberal/proggressive movement.

The Mapping the Left (MTL) project combines data, research and news articles to show the magnitude of the radical Left’s infrastructure in North Carolina. For decades, the liberal/progressive movement has mostly been invisible to the general public. Hiding from the “liberal” label, the well-organized progressive movement has built a network of groups that work together to push an extreme, liberal/progressive agenda that the media has failed to report upon.

Mapping The Left


Supreme Court Can Right a Wrong in Voter ID Rehearing

The North Carolina Supreme Court is rehearing Holmes v. Moore, a voter ID case, today. That is a good thing,…
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Repairing the damage to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

What defines an activist court? Is it one that establishes new rules by expanding and stretching the constitution to write…
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Bill Creates a Smoother Transition for Judicial Retirements

A bill in the General Assembly would allow some judges who reach the state mandatory retirement age to complete their…
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Testimony for Removing the Literacy Test from North Carolina’s Constitution

I spoke in favor of House Bill 44, removing the literacy test from the North Carolina Constitution at a meeting…
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Impact of Wake County Elections Bill: Partisan Index for Wake County Commissioner Districts

House Bill 99 looks to modify Wake County Commissioners elections from partisan and countywide to non-partisan elections and by district….
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Wake Elections Bill Goes Too Far, and Not Far Enough

House Bill 99, sponsored by Erin Paré (R-Wake), introduces an essential reform to how county commissioners would be elected in…
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North Carolina Constitution: Repeal the Literacy Test and Add Citizen-Only Voting

The literacy test should be removed from the North Carolina ConstitutionA requirement that only citizens may vote should be added…
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Elections Offices Will Not Accept “Zuck Bucks 2.0”

I wrote on January 20 about a new effort by progressives to influence election administration in North Carolina and elsewhere….
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North Carolina Supreme Court is correct to rehear Voter ID and Redistricting rulings

The North Carolina Supreme court is scheduled to rehear two high-stakes election lawsuits on redistricting and voter ID. The State…
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Congressional Vote Highlights the Need for a Citizens-only Voting Amendment

A recent vote in Congress highlighted the need to add a citizen-only voting amendment to the North Carolina Constitution. The…
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Felon Disenfranchisement Is Right and Constitutional

Convicted felons should have their right to vote restored only after they have entirely repaid their debts to societyThe United…
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Legislation Would Affirm The Right of Police Officers to Vote

A bill introduced in the North Carolina House of Representatives would clarify that election officials cannot prohibit police officers in…
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