Exposing North Carolina’s liberal/progressive movement.

The Mapping the Left (MTL) project combines data, research and news articles to show the magnitude of the radical Left’s infrastructure in North Carolina. For decades, the liberal/progressive movement has mostly been invisible to the general public. Hiding from the “liberal” label, the well-organized progressive movement has built a network of groups that work together to push an extreme, liberal/progressive agenda that the media has failed to report upon.

Mapping The Left


Orr’s Redistricting Lawsuit Incorrectly Applies the Civitas Partisan Index

Recently, retired North Carolina Supreme Court justice and 2022 redistricting special master Bob Orr filed a lawsuit challenging the redrawn…
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Redistricting Lawsuit Seems Novel Until You Read It

I appeared with former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr in a news segment on a newly filed redistricting…
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Why We Poll

Public opinion polling is a powerful tool for accountability in the democratic process, creating transparency between policymakers and the people…
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Filing Failures: Candidates Disclosure Requirements Leave Exploitable Loopholes

The State Board of Elections and the Rockingham County Board of Elections allowed controversial Republican Joseph Gibson III on the…
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North Carolina Needs to Reform Duplicate Voter Registrations Removal Process

A North Carolina group says they have found numerous duplicate voter registrations, but election officials have not acted on their…
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Judge’s Unverified Voter Registration Injunction Is a Fixable Problem

The North Carolina General Assembly addressed a “ghost voter” problem, which involves  verification of same-day registrations before associated ballots are countedA…
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Brunswick and Forsyth Election Boards Withdraw from “Zuck Bucks 2.0”

Almost exactly a year ago, I noted how a left-wing organization called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL)…
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Public Comment: Proposed Voter ID Rules Are at Odds with State Law

Below is my public comment on the North Carolina State Board of Elections’ proposed voter ID rules. A link to…
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Two Years of Changes in North Carolina Voter Registrations

With a new year upon us, let’s see how voter registrations have changed over the past two years. Why look…
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Who’s filed for the 2024 Election?

Filing for the 2024 election has officially closed as of noon on December 15th. With it, we know which legislative…
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Elections Board To Make Squishy Voter ID Law Even Squishier

The North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) held a public hearing on proposed voter ID rules on December 13….
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Redistricting Lawsuit Arrives a Day Late and a Dollar Short

As expected, the Elias Law Group has filed a lawsuit (Williams v. Hall) challenging some of North Carolina’s new congressional…
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