Exposing North Carolina’s liberal/progressive movement.

The Mapping the Left (MTL) project combines data, research and news articles to show the magnitude of the radical Left’s infrastructure in North Carolina. For decades, the liberal/progressive movement has mostly been invisible to the general public. Hiding from the “liberal” label, the well-organized progressive movement has built a network of groups that work together to push an extreme, liberal/progressive agenda that the media has failed to report upon.

Mapping The Left


Democrats Have Declined in North Carolina since 2020

North Carolina is experiencing rapid political shifts, which means that the state is politically different from what it was just…
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Limitations on Transparency: Pulling Back the Curtain on North Carolina’s Campaign Finances

The recent injection of campaign finance law changes into the HB237 conference report has garnered massive attention from both the…
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We Can and Should Remove the Literacy Test from the State Constitution

The literacy test should be removed from the North Carolina State ConstitutionRemoving the literacy test may be difficultThose favoring literacy…
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Prepared Public Comment for the Senate’s Constitutional Amendment on Citizen-Only Voting

Below is my prepared public comment before the North Carolina Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee Committee on June 20, 2024,…
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What are the Impacts of HB237’s Campaign Finance Changes?

The North Carolina Legislature presented the conference report on its masking bill, HB237.  While the bill had garnered some controversy…
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Will the State Board of Elections Try Again to Stop Third Parties that Democrats Fear?

(Photo of Cornel West by Gage Skidmore.) Three political parties have submitted petitions with more than enough verified signatures to…
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Prepared Public Comment in Favor of a Citizen-Only Voting Constitutional Amendment

Below is my prepared public comment before the North Carolina House Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform Committee on June…
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Poll: North Carolinians Support Citizen-Only Voting in a Landslide

I noted last week why the North Carolina General Assembly should let a citizen-only voting constitutional amendment come up for…
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The North Carolina Constitution Should Limit Voting Rights to Citizens

Only U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in North Carolina electionsNorth Carolina’s current protection of citizen-only voting is inadequateWe…
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Anti-Gerrymandering Measure Belongs in the North Carolina Constitution

Minimizing the number of split counties limits gerrymanderingThe court-imposed Stephenson process restricts the number of county splitsThe Stephenson process should…
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What are the rules for North Carolina’s Runoff Elections?

Early voting for North Carolina’s second primary (commonly referred to as runoffs) begins Thursday, April 25th. All 100 counties will…
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Latest Allegations Are Part of a Sordid History of Vote Buying in North Carolina

A court filing has revealed serious allegations of vote buying in a county commissioner race in the March 5 primary….
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