2023 Mid-Year Campaign Finances:  North Carolina Statewide Candidates

North Carolina State Board of Elections campaign finance reports covering the first half of 2023 were due on July 28th, covering the first half of 2023. National groups are watching North Carolina as a battleground state for the next presidential election. With that perception, we have already started seeing money bleed into our statewide races.

As I did with North Carolina’s Federal level candidates for 2024, I have broken down each confirmed and prospective statewide candidate’s finances, including how much they raised, spent, and their cash on hand at the end of the report. Alongside the toplines for each candidate, I’ve pulled the data on where each candidate raised their money and a breakdown of how much came from in-state vs. out-of-state contributions.

The list of statewide candidates was pulled from Catawba College professor Dr. Michael Bitzer’s candidate tracker.  All details can be found in the spreadsheet linked here. Further breakdowns of each candidate’s fundraising are on sheet 2.