Toxic Agenda: Elections in Crisis Part I

This article first appeared on as part of the Toxic Agenda Series. The title of the series is: Toxic Agenda: What the Left Really Wants for North Carolina is a new series of articles from the Civitas Institute. Civitas believes that “While largely out of power for the last several years, North Carolina is just one election away from once again seeing the liberal Left in control. This series examines what the Left desires to impose …

Gov. Cooper Relies on Left-Wing Activists

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More than 50 of Governor Roy Cooper’s appointments are either employed by or are board members of North Carolina progressive non-profits found in the online database Mapping the Left (MTL). MTL is a user-friendly online database/web page that identifies the vast network of left-wing groups and activists in North Carolina, sponsored by the Civitas Institute.

MTL has identified many of Gov. Cooper’s appointments to state boards and commissions as progressive/left-wing activists.

When …

Implementing George Soros’ Agenda

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State Board of Elections director recently announced intentions to introduce online voter registration
SBE bureaucrats, however, do not have authority to make such significant changes to NC election laws
Legislators need to push back against the George Soros backed elections agenda

State election officials are once again pushing for online voter registration, are Republicans helping them?

During a Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee meeting on December 15, 2017, Kim Strach, executive …

Democracy NC Hires New Leader

In January 2018, Tomas Lopez will replace Bob Hall as Executive Director of Democracy NC.  Hall, who led the group since it launched in 1991, takes credit for a number of election changes including Sunday early voting, same-day registration, teenage pre-registration and the now defunct public financing of judicial elections. Hall has announced recently that he plans to retire.
Lopez is currently an attorney with the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law in …

MTL: How Students Are Indoctrinated by the Progressive Machine

The newest Mapping the Left network is the Student/Youth Training Network. While this new network is not an ‘education’ network in the sense of public schools and higher education, it feeds on the liberal agenda pushed in public schools and colleges and universities across the state.

The lessons learned in North Carolina’s public schools and colleges indoctrinate students with ideas from the progressive agenda: extremist notions of racial diversity; the need for safe spaces in lieu …

Bob Hall – A Liberal Attack Dog in Watchdogs Clothing


When WRAL reported on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to throw out North Carolina’s congressional maps barely a month ahead of the 2016 Primary, the station’s ‘journalists’ turned to their friends in three different organizations belonging to Blueprint NC (the ‘eviscerate’ group) for ‘expert’ analysis.

Specifically, WRAL included quotes from three Blueprint NC groups’ leaders and also a founding member of another Blueprint NC group, who just happens to be the father of one of …

Spotlighting Unions’ Power on the Left


It was natural to include unions in the Mapping the Left website. They are the quintessential leftist political machine. With virtually unlimited bank accounts, thanks to mandatory membership and dues, more lawyers than one would care to count, and the best community organizing structure (thanks to the cash), they are the model for the activist Left. So, how do they fit in with North Carolina’s vast progressive/socialist network of groups?

Knowing that North Carolina’s union membership …

BIG SOLAR III: PAC Funnels Cronies’ Money to Candidates

In two previous articles (Part I, Part II), we examined how Republican political consultants in North Carolina have pushed the agenda of Big Solar – the solar power companies and their millionaire owners — in order to protect renewable power source mandates, thus driving up electricity bills and hampering the economy.In part one of this series, we took a first look at these consultants, who created a business model that involves advising GOP legislators to …

SPECIAL REPORT, PART II: Are Solar Lobbyists Trying to Hide Their Money Trail?

By Francis De Luca and Susan Myrick

In part one of this series we reported on right-of-center political consultants who have created an innovative business model advising a growing number of Republican legislators to turn their backs on conservative, free-market principles to take up the cause of more government mandates, political favoritism and higher electric bills. This year, they have organized opposition to a bill that would freeze the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) mandates at …

SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Conservatives’ Pushing Big Solar Funded by the Left

By Francis De Luca and Susan Myrick

What do President Barack Obama and a growing number of Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly have in common? The answer – their love of major solar energy companies – Big Solar, for short.

As for the President – everyone remembers Solyndra. Before going bankrupt in 2011, the solar energy company received a $535 million federal loan guarantee thanks to the 2009 “stimulus.” In 2010, Obama went so far …