Health Access Coalition

224 S Dawson Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

The Health Access Coalition is a project of the NC Justice Center. The Coalition supports the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Medicaid expansion.

The Justice Center considers itself the "state’s preeminent voice for economic, social and political justice." Without a doubt it is one the largest if not the most liberal and radical activist groups in North Carolina. The Justice Center has served as an incubator for new groups and projects, including the MTL network Together NC and Blueprint NC, the umbrella group created to decide where Z. Smith Reynolds grant dollars would be spent.

The Justice Center was picked to be the "administrative home" for Blueprint NC in the mid 2000's by Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation because, according to a report titled the "State Strategies Fund," Blueprint had been created as a "strategic initiative" and its focus would be on "collaborative change." The report went on to explain that the "Justice Center, because of its scale and the close alignment of its interests and values with those of Blueprint" would serve as its administrative organization. In the beginning the Justice Center employed the Blueprint staff and received the grants made for Blueprint's work. In addition the Justice Center exercised oversight over Blueprint's budgets.

As a result of the Justice Center's assistance, Blueprint NC went on to gain notoriety with their strategy memo that directed their members to "eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate" the state's leadership in 2013.