NC League of Women Voters


The League of Women Voters says its a non-partisan organization, but advocates for the most liberal election laws and against reforms that will secure our elections. The league has filed lawsuits against North Carolina in the case of the most recent NC redistricting plan and the landmark election reform legislation that was passed in 2013 that requires voters to provide photo ID’s in order to vote.

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People Connections:

Association Position & Time
Mary Klenz Board Co President Current
Walter Salinger Board Member Current
Judith Scruggs Board Member Current
Janet Hoy Board Member & Orange/Durham/Chatham Vice-President Current
Willie Taylor Board Co President Current
Willie Taylor Piedmont/Triad Co-President Former
Stan Kumor Henderson Treasurer Current
Jana Albritton Lower Cape Fear 1st Vice-President Former
Jana Albritton Board Secretary Current
Susan Conrad Moore Treasurer Current
Margaret Salinger Piedmont/Triad Co-President Current
Margaret Salinger Board Member Current
Peg Chapin Board Member Current
Karen Oelschlaeger Asheville/Buncombe President Current
Anna Fesmire Piedmont/Triad Vice-President Current
Robin Lane Chair- Piedmont Triad’s Health Roundtable Former
Pat Adams Board Vice President Current
Bill Wilkes Board Treasurer Current
Louisa Romanow Board Member Current
Lori Williams Board Member Current

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