Jennifer Weaver

Jennifer Weaver works as a researcher for another North Carolina nonprofit that receives funding from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation — Clean Water for North Carolina. Clean Water for NC spends its time and money supporting a so-called “Water Justice Campaign” and supporting action by the UN on Human Rights and Genocide. A good name does not necessarily translate into more clean drinking water for anyone, just more liberal/progressive policies. Clean Water for North Carolina is guided by these supposed Principles for Environmental Justice.

Weaver is married to David Neal. David Neal’s great-great grandmother was R.J. Reynolds’ sister. Neal has been a member since 2001 and is immediate past president of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation (2012 – 2014). He is the founder of Blueprint, NC – the organization that rallied the Left in North Carolina to “eviscerate, litigate, mitigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s leaders. Other groups that Neal has been involved with include the Fair Trial Initiative (he founded along with Johnathan Soros), the Center for Death Penalty Litigation, the Proteus Fund, NC Conservation Network, and the Common Sense Foundation.

Water & Energy Justice Researcher