Harper v. Hall Impact on Tricia Cotham

State House member Tricia Cotham’s move from Democrat to Republican has become a major focal point for Raleigh.  With her addition, Republicans now have a 72-member caucus and have claimed a super majority for the House to match the one Republicans regained in the Senate after last year’s election. 

While Cotham currently represents a safe Democratic seat (D+12), this could be subject to change.  Should the State Supreme Court reverse its decision on Harper v. Hall and revert to the original 2021 maps, Cotham would be in a toss-up district (R+1) House District 103. This is reflected in the 2022 election results, where the Republican state house candidates received 52% of the total vote.

A full breakdown of the 2022 election results for House District 103, should the original maps be reinstated, can be found here.