Elena Everett



Elena Everett is the founding member of the Workers World Party. The Workers World Party is a revolutionary socialist organization with branches throughout the U.S.

Everett is married to Peter Gilbert. Gilbert serves as Board Chair of the Action for Community in Raleigh where Everett is Founder and Director. Everett is the Director of Southern Vision Alliance – SVA where Gilbert is the Board Secretary. Gilbert is also an attorney with Legal Aid of NC.  Legal Aid is a Leftist non profit that receives millions of dollars from North Carolina’s flagship progressive funder, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Both Everett and Gilbert were arrested in 2017 in a Durham at a protest-riot that turned destructive. He was one of the protesters that tore down a statue commemorating confederate soldiers who had died in the Civil War.


Connection Position Time
Action for Community in Raleigh Founder and Director Current
Blueprint NC Board Member Current
Durham Solidarity Center Advisory Board Member Current
Durham Solidarity Center Co-founder Current
IgniteNC Operations Director Current
NC Green Party State Chair Current
Southern Vision Alliance - SVA Director Current
Wake Youth Organizing Institute Program Director Current
Workers World Party Durham Founding Member Current
Youth Organizing Institute - YOI Southern Vision Alliance Director Current
FairVoteNC Instant Run-Off Voting Program Director Former
Institute for Southern Studies Program Assistant Former
Southern Coalition for Social Justice Communications Former

Full Name:
Elena Everett

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