ACORN was the nations largest radical community organization working for social justice and the liberal/progressive political agenda of more government control and less individual freedom. Action NC appears to be the new front group for ACORN. From 1970 to its end in 2010, ACORN had grown to more than 175,000 member families organized in 850 neighborhood chapters in 75 cities across the US and in cities in Canada the Dominican Republic and Peru.

Barack Obama’s close ties and shared beliefs with ACORN, when he was a community organizer in Chicago, were instrumental in his 2008 election victory. ACORN shut down in 2010 after revelations that ACORN workers had encouraged illegal actions.


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Dustin Chicurel-Bayard Head Organizer Former
Michael De Los Santos Legislative and Campaign Director Former
Pat McCoy Head Organizer for NC Former
Robert Dawkins Grassroots organizer Houston - Atlanta - Charlotte Former

This group funded by:

Funder Year Amount Description
Triangle Community Foundation 2009 $40,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2009 $10,000.00
Triangle Community Foundation 2008 $10,000.00 Program development For Community Grantmaking Program

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