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This Funder Gives Money To:

Group Year Amount Description
Youth Organizing Institute - YOI 2017 $25,000.00 Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Cycle A-HBCU Higher Education Campaign
Durham People's Alliance 2016 $25,000.00 2016-2017 Renewal - Grassroots Organizing for Social Change -you Can Vote!
Durham People's Alliance 2015 $20,000.00 Protect and extend the electoral franchise by training, empowering and supporting community coalitions to educate, register and mobilize voters targeted for suppression (low-income, young, and people of color, the targeted population for voter suppression). Register, educate and mobilize targeted voters through registration drives, voter education, canvassing and phonebanking by YCV volunteers partnered with network volunteers in their communities. Build capacity for long-term social change through civic engagement using best practices in outreach, mobilization and volunteer retention.
Youth Organizing Institute - YOI 2015 $20,000.00 The Youth Organizing Institute (YOI) is a leadership development and base-building program for low-income, LGBTQ youth, immigrant youth, and youth of color. YOI uses popular education to teach peoples‚ history, understand privilege and oppression, gain political analysis tools, and teach concrete organizing skills. YOI fosters coalition-building, campaign planning, organizational development, and multi-generational organizing models.
Western North Carolina Workers Center 2015 $15,000.00 To expand on the significant impact the organization has had in building individual and collective organizing
Campaign for Southern Equality 2014 $1,000.00 For LGBT in the South Conference
Youth Organizing Institute - YOI 2013 $20,000.00 For grant made through Action for Community
Center For Community Change 2009 $25,000.00 General/operating support For general support
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association 2007 $15,000.00 Program development; Publication To develop farm incubators by organizing farm incubator committees and to develop How to Start an Organic Farm publication to clearly outline resources available to new farmers

State: VT

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