Rose Foundation


This Funder Gives Money To:

Group Year Amount Description
Southern Coalition for Social Justice 2013 $60,000.00 Program development For SCSJ to fight the NC General Assembly omnibus voter suppression bill by filing two state court cases: one will challenge the photo ID requirement to vote and the second will challenge the shortening of early voting elimination of same-day registration and ending out-of-precinct provisional voting
Progress NC 2012 $15,000.00 Program development For the goal of the Project New America Southern Values Project to clearly determine the most effective messaging language to use in convincing North Carolinians to make progressive choices for their future
Southern Coalition for Social Justice 2011 $60,000.00 Program development For The Fair Redistricting North Carolina project to seek to achieve the fair representation of African-American low-income and other traditionally under-represented voters This request is to support additional legal staff needed to pursue a legal challenge to the unconstitutional legislative and congressional redistricting plans enacted by the NC General Assembly
Progress NC 2011 $50,000.00 Program development To promote public policies which make NC a fairer healthier more equitable state by advocating solutions to critical community problems
Democracy Project II 2011 $50,000.00 Program development To support public interest litigation involving redistricting congressional and legislative districts in North Carolina

State: MA

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