Disability Rights NC


Disability Rights NC is a lobbying group and member of five radical/liberal political networks, including Blueprint NC. Blueprint NC is the group that gained infamy with the strategy memo that directed their members to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s leadership in 2013.

Financials:  Source IRS 990s
Year Revenue Expenditures Net Assets
2012 $3,293,104 $3,198,982 $429,001
2013 $3,015,665 $2,970,580 $474,086
2014 $3,008,301 $2,998,704 $483,683
2015 $3,660,203 $3,331,587 $812,299
2016 $3,367,658 $3,169,985 $1,009,972
2017 $3,511,631 $3,315,907 $1,205,696


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People Connections:

Person Position Time
Adebola Desalu Board Member Current
Allyson Hilliard Accounting Assistant Current
Alyssa Ng Board Member Current
Anthony Garcia-Copian Intake Specialist Current
Bryan Dooley Board Member Current
Carol Hammerstein Communications and Events Coordinator Current
Carolina Herrera Receptionist Current
Cas Shearin Director of Investigations and Monitoring Current
Charles Walker Board Treasurer Current
Charlie Barnes Chief Financial Officer Current
Corye Dunn Director of Public Policy Current
Crystal Bowe Board Member Current
D Jones Board Secretary Current
Debbie Thome Advocate Current
Debbie Thorne Advocate Current
Dennis Knight IT Manager Current
Elaine Whitford Director of Development Current
Gabrielle Martino Investigator Current
Holly Stiles Attorney Current
Iris Green Senior Attorney Current
Janice Willmott Chief Administrative Officer Current
Janna Shisler Board Chair Current
Jennifer Bills Senior Attorney Current
John Rittelmeyer Director of Special Litigation Current
Kady McDonald Intake Specialist Current
Karla Blackwell Administrative Assistant Current
Katherine Slager Attorney Current
Kathy Smith Advocate Current
Katrina Hayes Board Member Current
Kishona Mimms Investigator Current
Kristine Sullivan Attorney Current
Lisa Grafstein Attorney - Community Access Team Current
Lisa Nesbitt Attorney Current
Lisa Rabon Senior Attorney Current
Lourdes Fernandez Board Member Current
Marian Hartman Investigator Current
Mavis Jones Office Manager Current
Michael McGilton Board Member Current
Natalie Miller Board Member Current
Pat McGinnis Board Member Current
Rachel Fuerst Board Member Current
Raven DeMonia Paralegal Current
Shelly Stephens Board Member Current
Steve Noblitt Advocate Current
Susan Pollitt Senior Attorney Current
Tabitha Bryant Attorney Current
Tadra Martin Attorney Current
Vicki Smith Executive Director Current
Virginia Fogg Senior Attorney Current
Will McDowell Office Aide Current
William Donohue Board Member Current
Yasmin Farahi Attorney Current
Annaliese Dolph Director of Public Policy Former
Annaliese Dolph Lobbyist Former
April Giancola Chief Legal Programs Officer Former
Charles Walker Board Member Former
Cheryl Mulloy-Villemagne Board Treasurer Former
Christine Trottier Senior Attorney Former
Deborah Whitfield Board Member Former
Ed Salerno IT Systems Administrator Former
Elizabeth Edwards Attorney Former
Ernie Baldwin Board Member Former
Gabrielle Martino Outreach Specialist Former
Haydee Martinez Administrative Assistant Former
Herb Smith Board Member Former
Iris Castillo Board Member Former
Marian Hartman Board Chair Former
Mercedes Restucha-Klem Public Policy Analyst Former
Pat McGinnis PAIMI Advisory Council Liaison Former

This group funded by:

Funder Year Amount Description
Enterprise Holdings Foundation 2012 $1,500.00 For Disability Advocacy Training Exchange 2012 Disability Rights North Carolina
Lang Family Foundation Inc 2011 $5,000.00
Enterprise Holdings Foundation 2010 $1,500.00 General/operating support For general support



Address 1:
3724 National Drive Suite 100




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