Christine Mumma



Connection Position Time
NC Advocates for Justice Board Member Current
NC Center on Actual Innocence Executive Director Current
Fair Trial Initiative Board of Directors Former

Full Name:
Christine Mumma

One response to “Christine Mumma

  1. I am a registered Republican and have been since I first registered to vote. I am also a major Republican donor. Innocence is not a partisan issue. When the wrong person is in prison the right person is on the streets committing more crimes. When a case is overturned because of ineffective assistance of counsel, it is often difficult to retry the perpetrator of the crime because of the passage of time, loss of evidence, etc. Making sure attorneys have the proper training so their representation is adequate the first time around is in the interest of justice and victims of crime. Also, as an aside, the Fair Trial Initiative was dissolved two years ago, so I can’t be a current board member.

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