North Carolina Association of Educators – NCAE

The NCAE is the state’s largest teacher’s association – or union since members of NCAE are automatically members of the National Education Association (NEA). Is a political organization that endorses mostly Democrats during election seasons. According to this Civitas blog, NCAE membership is dropping:

“2012-13 was not a good year for NEA or the NEA state affiliate in North Carolina, the North Carolina Association of Educators. Nationally NEA lost about 64,000  members and $3.9 million in …


EducationNC (EDNC) was formerly known as Emerging Tar Heel Leaders Inc. and was founded by Ferrel Guillory and Gerry Hancock. EDNC is part of the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation network.


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Public Schools First NC

Public Schools First NC says it is “a statewide nonpartisan organization focused solely on public education issues.” If that’s true, why is it affiliated with the radical/liberal, and political, Blueprint NC network?  In 2013, Public Schools First NC was “sponsored and mentored” by WakeUp Wake County, a radical/liberal political activist group, who is also in the Blueprint NC network. Blueprint NC is the group that gained infamy with a strategy memo that directed members to …

Student Power Union of North Carolina

Student Power Union is a statewide group of radical progressive liberal college students (not all of them are located in Chapel Hill). It aligns itself closely with the leftist political union – North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE). On their website they say that their goal is “to retake our schools and remake society.”

It appears that the Student Power Union agitators are useful to the professional community organizing groups in and around Raleigh.

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